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Whether you are just starting out in the Film and TV Industry or you wish to further your career or business, Ferris Entertainment offers you the opportunity to live your dreams.

Screen Acting Masterclasses are available in a number of worldwide locations, book your place today and get yourself "match fit" for auditions and roles with the unique guidance of a veteran of the Film and TV Industry.

So Why Go To Ferris Entertainment's Screen Acting Masterclass?
Ferris Entertainment is a film Production Company, with our CEO and Founder Peter Ferris as the lead Producer. You can have a look at the list of films here and also watch them on FETV when they are released.

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Access FEA MANAGEMENT here, this is the Ferris Entertainment Artists' Agency. Here you can browse our books and request our talent.

Note: Access only available for CDG registered Casting Directors.

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The Ring of Peace is a remarkable event conceived by the incredible Robin Dunseath and Peter Ferris is proud to be a co owner.
You can change the World with one phone call.

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A brand new service coming soon! On the way to an audition? Can't afford to skip work to be at an acting class all day? Then the online masterclass is for you, pay for a lesson and get started!

The exclusive FE-Store, where Ferris Entertainment Merchandising, services and books will be sold

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Belfast Masterclass 11th & 12th March 2017
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